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About this Project:

This is a render made with Cinema 4D!
Cinema 4D is a program made by MAXON for 3D modeling
The program os one of the siplest 3D softwares on the market in the moment.

Google Logo Animation

About this Project:

This is a short Logo Animation I made.
This was a project at school to train our After Effects skills:
Adobe After Effects is a 2D animation and compositing program.

p5.js based Tetris


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First of all: you can download the source by clicking the button down below.

This Tetris game is a fun little project I made in order to make this Website somewhat fun to use.
As it was the first real project I made with Javascipt it took me almost 2 days to complete it but now
it works just fine. It might not look that beautiful but at least it works fine for now, maybe I will ad
some finishing touches later on. Also the score system can be way more optimized, for now it just adds
one point per second and 10 for each completed row.

I realy can recommend p5.js to any newcommes looking for an environment to do some creative coding.
p5.js is really easy to understand and Javascript in general is pretty simple to get the hang of it.

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Noise Map generation using Perlin Noise

Perlin Noise

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Noisemaps are rearlly handy tools to generate 3D terrain. Often called heightmap or diplacement map. There are a
few key differences between those two but it is not the goal of this website to talk about this.

Anyways, this is the resutl of me being bored and playing with the Perlin noise function of p5.js.
You might consider reading the Wikipedia articel about Perlin noise if you wan't to know more deatail about how
it works.